chapter 4 baseless

‘I cannot,’ said the monster. The fish swam around their pond without a care in the world. The monster felt a tightness in his chest and a bitter taste in his mouth. 

What do they know about sadness and loneliness? They cannot understand. 

In the past the monster had tried to find companionship but failed. The other animals in the forest either ran away or bit him. The people in the village chased him away with harsh words and broomsticks. 
‘We can grant you one wish,’ said a fish.

‘Only one,’ said the other. ‘We have magic but we are still fish so there is much we cannot do’

‘I want someone to love and I want them to love me back’ said the monster without hesitation.

The fish swam around their pond in deep thought.

‘We cannot make such a person but we can tell you where to find them,’ said the fish.

‘You must go to the desert,’ said the other. ‘Follow the river and you will come to the sea. Across the sea is a desert and in that desert you will find someone to love.’ 


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