Chapter 5 clueless 

Excited the monster pat pat pattered through cave. Tripping over his own feet as he ran to the mouth of the cave. It was no longer raining when he reached the entrance of the cave. He had no idea how long time had passed since he walked inside the cave.

In the distance the morning sun crept up from the horizon. It was warmer than most days, or so it felt to the monster. 

There was a thumping in his chest and a tingling at his palms. He was excited, hope full, and for once he was happy. 

The fish’s words echoed in his thoughts. 

Follow the river, cross the sea and in the desert he will find love.

The monster trekked through the now muddy forest to reach the river. Thick muck and small insects got stuck to the bottom of his feet. When he came to the river it was rough and raging. The river was too deep and the rapids too strong to cross. The monster followed the river and as he did dark thoughts filled his mind and made his mood heavy. 

How long will this take? How far is the sea? What is a sea? 

The monster had never been to the sea. The monster had not even heard of it before. The monster had only lived between the forest and the northern mountains. Even if he saw the sea he would not have even know what it was called. 


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