Chapter 6 Listless

Not knowing what the sea was or that all rivers flow to the sea the monster continued to follow the river up stream. He walked for what felt like hours not seeing anyone on the way. Most animals of the forest knew of the monster and knew well enough to stay away from him. 

Suddenly the monster heard a sound. This sound cut through the silence that surrounded him. It was the sound of crying.The monster curious of the sound strayed away from the river bank following the sound. 

The monster came upon a flower. From its lovely petaled head it wept and cried. 

“Why are you crying?” asked the monster. The flower, having no eyes did not know it was talking to a monster answered sweetly and honestly. 

“I am sad,” said the flower, “none of the bees like me. They all say even though I smell sweet my petals are too long and tight that they cannot reach my nectar. Now the bees won’t even look as they pass.”

The monster was perplexed. None of the flowers he had talked to before had had this problem. All the other flowers had wide spread petals and bright powdery pollen. 

“Have you tried opening up your petals?” 

“I have tried,” wept the flower its head bent in sadness. “My bud it too tight and it won’t budge.” 

Not knowing what to do or how to comfort the flower the monster sat besides it in silence. 


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