Chapter 10 darkness

The tree mouse jumped from branch to branch leading the monster to the river. He was careful to stay high enough in the trees th a the monster would not be able to reach him. 

The monster, not as agile as the mouse would often trip on rocks and roots or simply loose track of the mouse in the high branches. Thankfully the mouse would squeak or call out to the monster if he fell too far behind. 

The river was much closer to than expected and they reached it fairly easily. 

“Thank you,” said the monster to the mouse. 

The mouse watched him from the top of one of a nearby tree and thought, the monster isn’t actually that scary. 

“Be careful!” squeaked the mouse as the monster walked closer to the rice bank. “There has been a pack of wild dogs in this area. Even if you are a monster they might still attack you.” 

“Thank you! Goodbye!” said the monster as the mouse scampered back in the trees. 

He was a little bit happy. None of the forest animals had been so nice to him as far as he could recall. 

It was now late afternoon and the sky had turned a milky pink orange. As the Sun sank into the distance the forest grew darker and darker. 

Usually at this time on most days the monster would remake his bed of leaves and moss and sleep in his dry warm cave. The darkness that fell around him seemed more vicious in this unfamiliar part of the forest. 

It was cloudy that day so not even the crescent moon or the star’s could be seen. When it got too dark to walk anymore he made a bed of leaves at the foot of a tree. He made sure that he was close enough to hear the river as to not get lost again. 

The night was cold and dark but thankfully it did not rain.


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