Chapter 11 Helpless

The next morning the monster woke up a bit after dawn. The ground was not as comfortable as his cave so his body ached slightly. 

As he walked upstream towards the sea he saw a bush full of red berries. The monster carefully ate the berries one by one. They were juicy and sour. He had not realized how hungry he was until he began to eat. He had eaten half the berries in the bush when he heard a ruckus some distance away. Going closer the monster saw a pack of four wild dogs barking at the bottom of a tree. 

On the lower branches of the tree was a stranger wearing strange clothing. Wary of the wild dogs after the mouse’s warning the monster hid behind a nearby tree. The dogs barked and growled mercilessly. They circled the base of the tree and jumped to try and nip the feet of the stranger but the stranger was just barely out of reach. 

Should I help them? Thought the monster hiding behind a tree. What if they attack me instead? Will it be me stuck up a tree?  

Unsure what to do the monster took a step away from the tree to a pick up a stone from the river bank. 

Maybe I can scare the pack away with rocks. 

Who are you?” barked one of the dogs at the monster. The monster was just about reaching for the rock. Now all the dogs turned to the monster.

“That’s the monster of the south forest!” said one dog to the other. “What is it doing here?” 

“Go away monster! Get away!” barked the dogs in unison. They bark louder and louder but did not take a step closer. 

“What’s that on your face?!” howled one of the dogs. “Is that blood?” 

What is on my face?

The dogs showed their fangs and puffed up their bodies. “What has it been eating?”yipped one of the dogs. The dogs growled and barked at the monster, forgetting the stranger in the tree. The monster took a step forward and all four dogs ran away, yipping and howling with their tails between their legs. 


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