chapter 14 directionless

“Anneli,” said Castor in a sweet smooth tone. Anneli was not used to being called by a name. It felt strange and disorienting. 

“Can you help me find something?” asked Castor in a silky voice. Anneli nodded. 

“I’m looking for something. Do you know where I can find a rose?” 

Anneli looked at Castor blankly. He did not know what a rose was. Seeing Anneli’s reaction Castor was disappointed. 

“Do you not have roses here?”

Anneli remained silent. He had only lived between the forest and the northern mountains. If there was a rose in the western fields or further inland he had no idea.

“Or maybe they are called something else?” said Castor. The idea made him feel a bit more optimistic. Castor took the sack off his back and began to search through it.

“What is a rose?” asked Anneli. 

“Something precious.” said Castor.From within his bag he took out a piece or parchment and unrolled. On the parchment was a painting of a beautiful woman wearing a white robe holding a bouquet of flowers. 

“Is that a rose?” asked Anneli pointing at the woman with long curly blond hair and milky while skin. 

“No,” laughed Castor. “This is a rose.” Castor pointed at the flowers the woman was holding. The flowers were large and bright red with petals that curled over each other. 

Anneli looked up at Castor, eyes gleaming. Anneli’s heart was fluttering. 

“I know where these are! I know where you can find your rose.” 



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