Chapter 12 nervousness 

The stranger remained in the tree even after the pack of wild dogs had left. The monster stayed some distance away even though his was curious. He had not interacted much with people before but what he did know was that they were always either afraid of him or wanted to hurt him. 

By the way the stranger clung to the trunk of tree it was most likely the former. The stranger had thin fabric wrapped around them, covering his head and body like a shell. Even though he hid behind a nearby tree he still watched the stranger. 

“You over there!” said the stranger. His voice had a lyrical tune to it. Every sound and syllable reverberated within the monster’s ears. The monster unsure of what to do continued to hid.

“You chased away those dogs before right?” The stranger sounded unlike any person he had heard before. His words were oddly warm. 

From behind the tree the monster meekly replied, “Yes, they are gone.” 

The monster was so happy. No person had ever spoken to him, let alone so nicely and polietly. He was so happy he wanted to cry. 

“Are you hurt?” asked the monster, not sure what to ask the stranger.

“Yes, I’m fine but…I can’t seem to get down.”

The monster was confused. The stranger was not so high up in the tree that he would hurt himself even if he fell. Still the stranger clung to the tree, terrified of fall. The monster came out from behind the tree. 

The stranger flinched when he saw the monster’s form clearly. The monster slowly walked to the base of the tree. Outstretcheing his arms the monster spoke, as confidently as he could, “I’ll help you down “

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