chapter 13 nameless 

Despite the had effort it seemed to require the stranger managed to get down quickly. 

“Thank you,” said the stranger when he reached the ground. The monster unsure of how to respond said nothing at all. 

“What is your name?” asked the stranger. The monster felt too shy to respond so instead looked at the ground and hid his arms behind his back. 

“My name is Castor, what is your name?” 

The monster was silent for awhile but then in a soft nervous voice he said, “I don’t have a name. I have only ever been called monster or that or it.”

The monster felt embarrassed. He wanted to run away but at the same time he could not move at all. He glanced at Castor, whose face had a pained expression across it. 

The monster wanted to run away.

“How about I give you a name?” 

The monster was taken off guard. The name seemed like a special thing but the stranger spoke of it as if it was the most basic thing in the world. The monster, nodded. 

“How about Hilaeira?”

“No,” replied the monster, “that is far too grand for me.”


“No,” said the monster, “that doesn’t really suit me.” 

“How about Anneli?”

The monster did not immediately refute it. It did not sound as strange or as grand as the other names suggested. 

“Is Anneli good then?” 

The monster nodded. Castor smiled brightly. Anneli had never seen anyone with a more beautiful smile.  

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