Chapter 7 thoughtless 

The monster thought over and over in his mind about how to help the flower. 

“Must it be a bee to drink your nectar?” asked the monster.

“Yes it must!” saif the flower. “When the bee comes to drink my nectar it will carry some of my pollen to my destined one.”

“Who is your destined one?” asked the monster.

“My destined one is another flower like myself. Another flower just like me. When my pollen reaches them, they will bear a fruit. What is the purpose of a flower who cannot spread its pollen to bear fruit?”

“Why don’t you go search for them? Why don’t you look for your destined one? Then you will not need a bee.” said the monster. 

“But I cannot move,” cried the flower. “My roots are too deeply in the ground.”

This must be impossible. This poor flower is as lonely and sad as me. 

Then a light began to spark in the monsters memories. A memory from long ago. 

“Once I saw a bird,” began the monster, “it was bright green and red and shimmeres in sunlight. This bird was small but had a long pointed beak. Even though it was small it could beat its wings so hard and fast it could stay almost still in the air before a flower. This bird would dip the tip of its beak into the flower and drink its nectar. I’m sure it will be able to drink your nectar and carry your pollen. You just need to wait a bit longer.”

The flower listened attentively to the monster’s story. When the monster had finished the flower was no longer crying. It had lifted its head and swayed its stem to and fro in delight. 

“I will do as you say,” said the flower gleefully. “I will wait for this bird”


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