Chapter 8 tactless

The flower was now happy with the hope of being visited so the monster went back to following the river. However it seemed that the monster had gotten lost and could no longer find the river. A panic began to settle in. He had never been to this part of the forest before, nothing looked familiar and everything looked the same. 

What do i do now? If I get lost now I will never make it to the sea and I will never find love. 

Just then he heard a whistle. Looking to the branches of a nearby tree the monster saw a blue bird cleaning her feathers. 

“Excuse me! Can you help me,” called the monster to the preoccupied bird. The bird, only then noticing the monster glared down at him as if thinking what is this ugly thing? Why is it bothering me?

“What is it?” asked the bird. 

“I am lost,” replied the monster.

“So?” remark the the bird in a sharp condescending tone. 

“Can you tell me which way the river is?” 

“It’s over there.”

“Where is over there?” asked the monster confused. 

“Over there!” shouted the bird now annoyed at the monster, “the river is there! You see that tree? If you go in the direction of that tree you will find the river!” 

The bird was now furious. She was huffing, wheezing and puffing out her feathers. 

“Which tree?” asked the monster. 

“The OAK TREE!!” screeched the bird.

“What is an oak tree?” asked the monster. 

The bird flew away in a flutter. 


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