Chapter 9 hopeless 

The monster walked aimlessly in the forest until he came to a large old tree. 

“Excuse me sir, can you tell which way the river is?” 

The large tree shook its leaves and creaked its branches before answering. 

“The river is something I haven’t felt in many many years. Without eyes and with my roots firmly in the ground I haven’t been to a river in a long long time.” 

Nothing to do about that, thought the monster and turned away from the giant tree. 

“However!” proclaimed the old tree. The monster turned back to it. 

“I cannot help you. However!”

The tree shook his leaves as if dancing in his petrified form. 

“However!” said the old tree for the third time. “The child who lives in my trunk maybe able to help you.” 

“Child!” said the tree, the word vibrating within itself. 

“Yes?” replied a sleepy voice from within a hole in the gain tree. 

“Child come out for a bit.” 

“Alright…” replied the voice. A small brown spotted forest mouse popped his head out. When he saw the monster he shrieked a high pitch squeak and hid again in the wood. 

“Child come out!” said the tree. The tree had no eyes to see the one before it was the monster of the forest. 

“No!” said the mouse. “No I won’t! It will eat me up in one snap of its maw” 

“I won’t!” said the monster. ” I promise I won’t.” 

“You promise?” asked the small voice in the tree. 

“I promise!” repeated the monster. 

The mouse, once again popped his head out of the hole. 

“What do you need?” asked the mouse still suspicious of the monster. 

“I’m lost, I need to find my way back to the river.” 

The mouse stared at the monster, as if trying to determine if he was lying or not. 

“Alright…. I’ll take you to the river.” said the mouse and hopped out of the hole and on to a nearby branch. 

“Follow me” said the mouse as he hopped from branch to branch. 


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