chapter 18 carelessness

“If you follow the river up stream, it will lead you out of the forest. Beyond the forest there is a hill, and from on top of that hill you can see a mountain. Half-way up the mountain you can find roses,” instructed Anneli as they walked along the river bank. 

Castor listened patiently to the monster. Anneli had never spoken to someone for so long and so freely. He was so happy that he was beginning to get light headed and trip over his own words. 

“Between the hill and the mountain is a swamp. Since you have not been there before it would be better to go around the swamp but that would take several days longer. If you are in a hurry you can go through the swamp but you need to be careful and stay on the path.” 

“Will you take me there?” asked Castor. 

“I can take maybe until the hill. There is somewhere I need to go.” 

“Where are you going Anneli?”

“To the sea.”

Anneli saw a pained expression on Castor’s face went he spoke. 

“But Anneli… you are going the wrong way.”

“I was told to follow the river.” Anneli felt doubt and anxiety from Castors words. He felt embarrassed and upset so much so it made him dizzy and nauseous. 

“Yes… but Anneli, the sea is always down stream. All rivers flow to the sea.”

“What is a sea?” asked Anneli.

“It’s like a lake.” said Castor.

“A lake?”

“But not a lake.” 

“Not a lake?” Anneli was becoming more and more confused. 

“Well it is like a lake, it’s a lot of water. So much water, as much water as there is land but so much more.”

Anneli could not quite comprehend what Castor was saying so he simply nodded. 


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