chapter 19 willingness

“So what will you do now?” asked Castor. “We seem to need to go in opposite directions.” 

Anneli was quiet. He did not want to let down Castor or make him upset. He thought about how long it would take him to the mountain. Two cycles at least and three cycles at most. 

He thought about going to the sea and the promise of love beyond it. He did not know how long it would take or how far he actually was from the sea. How would he cross the sea? If it was as Castor said and a huge lake that could stretch farther than even he could comprehend how will he cross it? 

Anneli could not swim or fly. Which direction was the desert he thought. Will he loose his way at sea? He gets lost in the forest he has lived in for so long. 

“It’s alright Anneli,” said Castor patting Anneli on the head. “You have already helped me plenty.” 

The hand that touched Anneli was kind and warm. Castor smiled at Anneli and Anneli’s heart melted. On impulse which was unlike Anneli, he gently gripped the the end of Castor’s clothing.

“I will take you to the roses if you will take me to where I need to go afterwards.” 

Castor seemed pleased and smiled.

“Where do you need to go?” asked Castor.

Anneli paused for a moment and gripped the fabric a bit tighter. 

“The desert.”  

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