chapter 21 is different from the others 

During the journey over the sea, Castor spent most of his time in his room. What the old woman had said seemed to play on his mind.  

Despite what he expected and asked for the two guards accompanying him were not his own but two of his father’s. He did not know these men and did not trust them. Castor got into the habit of feeding any food he was given to the cooks cat and waited several hours before eating any himself.

Late at night he listen to the guards who’s room was next to his. On the first night he carved a hole in the wooden wall between the rooms to hear them more easily. 

The first night they did not say anything suspicious but still Castor kept his knife with him at all times. 

He did not trust the guards and he trusted his father even less. To his father Castor was a disgrace, a black mark upon their family. If he could have Castor was sure his faith would have disowned him. 

“You are a disgrace! You are abnormal! You can you share blood with me and a face with your brother and still be to disgusting.” 

Castor often heard these words from his father. So often that it was just noise. Polloux would watch this happen and never defended Castor or agreed with their father. Yet Castor knew that his brother too was ashamed of him. 

On the tenth night he heard the guards finally discuss their plan. 

“I heard that the Prince is abnormal,” said one guard. 

“Abnormal how?” asked the other. 

“It’s not well known outside the court, but I heard from a maid that apparently he is a sexual deviant!” exclaimed the first guard loudly. “That is why the king and the rest of the royal court spurn and ignore him.”

“Is that why the king was furious when the royal fortune teller said that Prince Castor should be king?” 

“Well… He is a disgrace enough just being a Prince but having him be the king would be unspeakable.” said the first guard. “If our country was at war the king would not hesitate to send him to the battlegrounds.” 

As annoyed as Castor was to be gossiped about they were not wrong. He hated his father for being so cruel and he hated himself for being a disappointment. 

“Still the king is a sadistic son of a bitch. Having your own son killed is worse than a savage,” laughed the first guard. 

Castor felt a chill shoot through his body. 

Is that what this is? Are they going to kill me in a far away land and call it an accident?

“That’s true. The king could have at least banished him or exiled him.”

“Yes, but then people would wonder why. Eventually it would come out that the Prince is an abnormal.” 

Castor was angry and upset. He wanted to cry and break down the wall. Still he was quiet and continued to listen to the guards. 

He was sure the guards would kill him once they got to port or went further inland. Castor had no choice but to run away before that could happen. 


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