Chapter 20 kindness

“What are you looking for in the desert?” asked Castor as they walked along the river.

“I’m looking for love.”

“There is nothing like that in the desert. Just sand, wind and the burning sun.” Castor said with a grim chuckle. His words seemed bitter and sad. 

Angelo was not sure how to respond. 

“I was told that I would find it in desert by a pair of fish.”

“You can talk to fish?” asked Castor suddenly. Anneli nodded. 

“What did they say to you?” 

“They said their magic was not very strong enough to grant my wish but they said if I cross the sea and go tot wh desert I would find someone who will love me.” 

“What? Don’t you have friends or a family for that?”

“No… no one will love a monster like me.”

Their was a silence in their conversation. It was filled with awkwardness and embarrassment.

“That’s not true,” said Castor. “There will be someone here who can love you.” 


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