Chapter 23 finally catches up to the rest

On the twelfth day of the journey across the sea the crew of the ship informed the prince and the guard’s that they would be arriving on land soon. 

The Prince snuck into his room and took all the dry food he had been hoarding and put it in his bag. He took only things necessary. As much food as he could wrapped in water proof leather, the scroll, a bottle of fresh water,  his knife, and all the money he brought with him. 

The prince spent all morning and afternoon on th top deck watching the sea. The salty spray and the gentle winded did little to calm his inner turmoil. He was weighing out whether to risk fighting the guard’s when they attacked him eventually or to risk his life running away sooner. 

The distant land slowly crept closer from the horizon. When the nearby pro city was just in site, Prince Castor gripped his bag tight, prayed to the gods, and jumped out of the ship. 

The rip tide was strong so the prince swam parallel to the coast for what felt like hours. His body ached and his lungs were on fire. The Prince was so exhausted to the point he could think of nothing else but swimming further. 

Eventually the sea became slightly calmer and he drifted into shallow waters. The Prince was never so happy to step on land before. 

Despite the fatigue the prince slowly walked inland and into a forest. The Prince stripped down to his underwear and hung his drenched clothing on the low branches of a tree. He whipped as much sand as he could but he still felt it over every inch of his body. 

Finally giving into his body’s demands Castor fell asleep against the base of a tree. Whe  he woke up it was already dark.

His clothes were mostly dry so he dressed in the sandy garments. Castor intended to leave the forest and head to a nearby village or town but soon he realized he was lost. 

He walked aimlessly through the forest until the next morning. A sense of dread grew inside of him. He looked around the maze of trees. 

A glimpse of a animal. 

A soft growl from nearby. The wild dogs stalked closer to the prince. 


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