Chapter 24 cloudiness

From on top of the hill Castor could see the mountain range in the distance. From the hill the land slopes down into a swamp as Anneli had described. 

“If we continue to follow the river it will lead us around and away from the swamp but the roses are on that mountain.” Anneli pointed to the mountain directly in front of them, with only the swamp between. 

“How long will it take to go around the swamp.”

“A week or so. It will lead you to the southern end of the mountain range though. We need to go to the northern mountains. It will take several more days to go through the mountain range to the northern mountains.”

“Have you gone that route before?” 

Anneli shook his head.

“No, I have only gone through the swamp.”

“How long does it take?” 

“It takes a little over a day to get though the swamp unless you get lost.” 

“Is it easy to get lost?” asked Castor.

“It’s difficult not to. I got lost the first time.”

The clouds covered the Sun casting a shadow over the land. 

How ominous thought Castor 


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