Chapter 26 is from a different perspective 

“Are you alright dear?” asked princess Araliya. Prince Polloux looked at his wife and thanked his lucky stars that she was with him. He held her soft caramel hand in his. 

He kissed her on the forehead. “I’m fine my darling,” replied prince Polloux. 

“Is it your father again?” asked the princess. She wore the traditional clothing of her country, wrapped in yards of fine silk fabric. It was beautiful but unsuitable for the desert. She insisted on such trivial things. She would always say that she was still a princess of her own country. 

“No, it is not my father,” replied the Prince as he returned his attention to his documents. 

“Then your brother?” asked the princess. “It is always one of them.”

The Prince did not reply and read his documents in silence. 

“Is it about the task that was set for your brother? It seemed rather cruel of your father.” 

“It is our tradition,” said the Prince becoming increasing agitated. He wished his wife would stop talking about that. 

“So is choosing the king based on the decisions of the gods.” 

The Prince did not reply. 

“When it doesn’t suit him your father picks and chooses which traditions and laws to uphold.” 

“It is his right as the king,” replied prince Polloux. “If that’s what he sees fit.” 

“That is very apathetic of you considering how much you suffered because of my father’s demands of my dowery.” 

“That was different.” 

“No it is not. My father did not want us to marry and wanted you to fail. If it wasn’t for my brothers convincing him not to my father would have killed you any way.” 

“Yes but I managed to bring that damned elephant to your father.”

“And you still resent him for that. What do you think will happen if your brother succeeds? He will resent both you and your father.” 

“My brother will not be king. He never wanted to. Besides the court and the people would not accept him.” 

“Why? No one outside the court know of his indiscretions. And most of your citizens will not care as long as they are fed, clothed and the taxes are low.” 

“What are you trying to say?” asked Polloux frowning at his bride. She did not back down.

“You should be the most worried about what happened. You did not comfort or support him at all. He is your brother. He, like you will likely do the impossible.” 


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