Chapter 25 swiftness  

“Guess we will be going through the swamp then,” replied Castor. 

There was a whistling as the kite cut through the air, diving between Castor and Anneli. 

“What are you doing?” asked the bird starring at Anneli. 

“I’m taking him through the swamp,” replied Anneli. The bird took a step forward and Anneli took a step back.

“Are you sure?” asked the bird stepping closer to Anneli. Anneli took another step back away from the bird. “Is that honestly all you are doing?”

“Yes! Yes!” replied Anneli. 

“I’ve heard about you,” said the bird tilting its head to the side. “You are the monster of the forest. I have heard stories about you. That you eat a whole wild boar in one snap of your jaws and eat the livers of human children.”

“That’s not true,” cried Anneli.

“What is he? Your next prey?” accused the bird.

“What is all this about?” asked Castor holding back his laughter. Since he could not understand the kite’s words it seemed like a bird was simply squawking at Anneli.

“What’s all this fuss?” asked Castor again with a chuckle. “Had you thrown a rock at him before?”

The kite turned to Castor and began to flap its wings and make a fuss. 

“Get away from the monster he is planning on eating you!” 

The bird squawked and screeched but still Castor did not understand. Castor shooed it away and the bird took to the air. 

“Remember my warnings!” cried the bird. “No human escapes the swamp! It’s a trap! The monster has fooled you.” 


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