chapter 27 suffocation 

A small dirt path lead into the edge of the swamp. The trees curved around the path into the maw of a ferocious monster. The thick foliage of the flooded forest blocked out all the sunlight.  A building sense of dread crept up on Castor. The swamp seemed intimidating and so humid he could barely breathe. 

He looked at Anneli. The little monster looked harmless and helpless but….

Can I trust him? We just met this morning. What if he is leading me to the swamp to attack me? 

Such thoughts had never occurs to Castor until he stepped into the swamp. It was darker than he had expected. The low branches and the wet muddy ground in the humid darkness made Castor feel claustrophobic. He felt that if he did not focus on his breathe he would choke. 

In a silent panic Castor turned to run away buthe could no longer see the entrance of the swamp. The dim light made it harder to tell the way th a  usual. 

How can I be so deep inside the swamp already? We have only been walking a few minutes.

Anneli was walking a few steps ahead of him. Anneli’s dark fur melted together with the rest of the darkenss. 

“Anneli!” called Castor, afraid that the monster would vanish leaving him all alone. Anneli turned back and hopped to Castor. 

“What’s wrong?” asked Anneli. Anneli’s gleaming eyes and his sad face made him look scared and innocent. A part of Castor that was frightened calmed down a bit. 

“Dont walk so far ahead of me I’m afraid we might lose each other.”

“Even if you get lost I would find you.” replied Anneli.

Castor smiled and held Anneli by the wrist and they walked further into the swamp. 


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