Chapter 31 suggests an uncertain future 

Ten days after Prince Castor had set off on his quest a message arrived at the Kingdom from a navy ship near foreign shores. 

There was a terrible storm near the coast of the northern land. The boat the prince was on was destroyed. Most of the crew survived, the prince did not.

It was a great tragedy. The prince’s death was mourned. Yet soon everyone moved on and carried on with their lives. 

“What brings you here?” demands the king seated on his jeweled throne on a steady carpeted platform. 

On either side of the king was the king’s advisor and prince Polloux on lower seats. 

“It is very rare that I come to see you unannounced and unsummoned,” said the royal fortune teller.

“Yes, what business do you have with me right now? I am very busy.” said the king in a loud booming voice. 

“I heard news of the Prince’s death.”

“Yes…” the king tried his best to hide his guilt behind a monotone response and an emotionless face. The king had learnt the best way to keep a secret was to talk about it as little as possible. 

“That news is wrong. Prince Castor is alive.” said the Royal fortune teller. The king burst out laughing. Prince Polloux found his father’s actions cruel and disrespectful. The minister read the unfurled scroll in silence. 

“The gods have said-”

“THE GODS ARE WRONG!”shouted the king. “They were wrong when they said Castor would be king and they are wrong now! My son is dead!” 

“The gods are never wrong!” The fortune teller shouted back. “Their decrees are often vague or misinterpreted but this time it is very clear! Prince Castor is not dead no matter how much you try to erase him.”

The king for once was silent. He was stunned at the behaviour of the calm and dignified fortune teller.

“And for the record… I never said Prince Castor would be king. I said he should be king. And if he is dead like you truly wish him to be there will only be greater tragedy that will befall this country.” 

The fortune teller turned on his heels and walked to leave. At the door the fortune teller rapidly turned back to shout one more remark at the king. “There are worse things in this world than a child who is abnormal!” 

The fortune teller than stormed out. The king slumped in his throne his mind heavy in thought. The Prince and minister watched him quietly. The guard in the room was very excited to tell his colleagues about what he had just witnessed. 


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