chapter 29 silence 

Anneli and Castor slowly crosses the bridge of tangled roots. Each step was slow and carefully placed. Castor could feel his feet slide a bit on the slim on the roots. Anneli ignored the loud whispers of the trees. He could only hear a few words as the voices talk over each other. 

Human…. not….that…… soon….. wait

Castor gripped Anneli’s wrist tighter. Anneli could tell Castor was nervous and could sense the ominous feeling in the air. The trees were behaving strangely and something was going to happen if it was not already happening. Anneli knew that Castor could not hear the voices and did not want to make him more worried. 

Suddenly the swamp was quiet. 

“Something is wrong!” cried Anneli. Something was happening and it was happening now. 

“What?” said Castor confused by Anneli’s behaviour.

“We need to cross quickly! We need to cross now!” cried Anneli again. 

“Wait. What are-“Castor suddenly became quiet. He froze and stared at Anneli, shaking. 

“My foot is stuck.” whispered Castor. They both looked at Castor’s foot. A decaying skeletal hand from within the bog was gripped tightly around Castor’s ankle. 

The hand tugged with the strength of a tiger’s jaw and pulled Castor into the swamp. Anneli fell on his stomach onto the bridge as Castor dragged him down with him. Anneli cried as he fell on the roots. 

“Anneli!” shouted Castor. He was being pulled into the swamp. The skeletal hand kept tugging him deeper into the murky depths. Castor had one hand trying to grip onto the roots and the other tightly around Anneli’s wrist. 

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