Chapter 30 scared 

“Anneli!” shouted Castor, desperately fighting against the ghoul who was pulling him under. 

Anneli was in pain. A jagged parts of the roots was pressing into his abdomin. Being much smaller the full weight of Castor was pulling him. Anneli’s arms were fatigued and in immense pain. He could barely think. 

“Castor!” cried Anneli between painful gasping breathes. “Kick it off!”

“I can’t! It is too strong!” Castor was desperate and could not even think coherently. The water of the swamp was thick with mud and algea. The river plants wrapped around his body like a net. The more he struggled the more tangled he got. 

“No it is not! You are stronger!”cried Anneli in tears. “It’s just a trick it’s not real!” 

In his panic a moment of clarity came over him. As his consciousness became clearer he realized the skeletal hand was no long pulling him. He kicked his legs as hard as he could until he no longer felt it around his ankle. 

Castor soon realized he was not in the danger he thought he was in. Slowly, while still holding onto the bridge and Anneli he placed his feet on the bottom of the swamp. It was not as deep as he thought it was, the water only coming up to his shoulders. 

With the help of Anneli he pulled himself back onto the bridge of roots. They crossed the river quickly now that they were no longer afraid of falling in. 

The bruise of where the hand grabbed him remained on his ankle. 


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