chapter 33 quiet 

Slowly from the fog that his them appeared figures. They moved slowly and rhymically as if they were swaying in the wind. 

“What do we do?” whispered Castor no longer able to hide the panic in his voice. 

“If we don’t move and make a noise they might just ignore us. Just wait until the fog passes.” 

As the figures got closer Castor realized there were more than he expected. There were four several feet away from him and God knows how many still hidden in the fog. 


His heart beat loudly in his chest. So loud that it reverberated in his ears. So much that it was all he could hear. He was shaking and sweating although it was cold. 


Castor held Anneli’s hand even tighter. The figures walked closer. Castor could see them now more clearly. In tattered clothing, walking corpses in various stages of decay. The smell of rotting flesh filling his lungs so quickly he almost puked. 

They slowly walked passed them and again sank into the fog. Castor exhaled in relief. 

Anneli and Castor could no longer hear the sound of the corpses’ foot steps. 

Castor slowly turned his head. All the corpses had stopped and were starting at them. Castor wanted to run but could not. 

The trees whispers grew louder and louder. The corpses slowly walked back to Castor and Anneli. Surrounding them, there were now at least six vacant dead eyes glaring at Castor and Anneli.


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