chapter 34 fog

The fog was thick around them. Even a few steps away was completely obscured. The figures circles around them watching them closely. 

One stepped right up to Castor and brought its face close to Castor’s. The stench of decaying flesh was so intense his eyes began to tear. 

It inhaled deeply. Castor closed his eyes and begged for it to leave quickly. Castor gripped Anneli’s hand, desperate and afraid.  

The corps stepped back and the horde walked away as the fog rolled onto another part of the swamp. 

Castor and Anneli did not move until the fog, the cold and the stench was long gone. As the fog disipated the narrow path they followed became clear. 

Anneli and Castor walked along the path in silence still holding hands. 

“Not far now,” said Anneli breaking the silence finally,” we will probably reach the other end of the swamp soon.” 

“Next time, we should go the long way.” replied Castor grimly. 

Anneli laughed awkwardly. Within half an hour they reached the other end of the swamp. 


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