chapter 36 something special 

Castor picked up his bag and took out his knife. Anneli flinched at the sight of it. He had been threaten by knives many times before. Surely Castor would not hurt me thought Anneli, trying to sooth his own fears and anxieties. 

Castor held the knife over the bundle of sticks. Anneli watched intently as Castor placed one hand on the jeweled hilt of the knife. The large red jewel began to glow. A crackling sound eminated from the knife. 

Crack crack crack 

Thin white sparks from dances around the knife. Anneli was hypnotized by the display. Castor frowned as he tried to focus the sparks on the tip of the knife. 

CRACK! Anneli jumped up and stepped away. A stray spark had hit the ground roght next to Anneli. 

“I’m sorry,” said Castor trying to hold back his laughter. “Come stand behind me.” Castor tried again. A spark hit the sticks charring it slightly. Castor proceeded to blow on the charred parts to kindle a flame. 

“Have you ever done this before?” asked Anneli. “Well, no, not exactly.” replied Castor honestly. Castor placed the knife over the sticks again and created another spark. 


The spark was larger than before and this time created a glowing ember within the pile of sticks. Castor fanned and blew on the sticks until a small fire started. The small fire quickly engulf the pile of sticks and burned brightly in the cold dark night. 

Satisfied and proud of his accomplishment Castor lay the rest of his wet clothes near the warmth and lied down by the fire. 

“Are you going to sleep now?” asked Anneli. 

“Are you not?” asked Castor. Anneli shook his head. 

“No… it’s not safe to do so out in the open. There is a village over there,” Anneli pointed to the village on the nearby hill. “If they see me I will get in trouble.”

“Dont worry about it,” replied Castor with a kind smile, ” we shall leave before it gets too late in the morning. Come lie by me.” 

Anneli lied on the ground besides Castor. He felt that Castor’s heat was far warmer than the fire. 


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