Chapter 39 foolish

The solider shoved the knife back in the man and handed it to the bearded man. “Watch him!” instructed the solider to the red faced man. The solider and the bearded man ran out and locked the door behind them.

“Please let me go!” begged Castor. “I did not do anything wrong!”

“Shut up!” shouted the red faced man not listening to a word Castor said.

The village women and children screamed and shouted when they saw Anneli. Anneli hid behind a bush but obviously not well enough since various forms of debris was thrown at him. Several men appeared and herded the women and children into the houses and it was quiet for a while. Anneli looked up from his hiding place and saw the group of men nearby. They were holding long sticks, sickles and blades and were slowly getting closer to Anneli’s hiding place. Anneli filled with fear and grew cold. Anneli knew that they were going to hurt him or kill his if they could. Anneli ran from his hiding spot and the men ran after him. What was I thinking? How can I save Castor when I can’t even save myself from these people?

Anneli quickly scaled a nearby tree and hid within its branches. The men came up the tree and began hitting the trunk with their sticks and blades. They shouted and demanded that Anneli come down but why would he?

“What is happening?” asked the tree confused to no one in particular. Anneli was scared and shaking and could not even speak. The men continued to shout and wave their weapons about. Anneli curled up into a ball trying to make him as small as possible.

“What is going on here?” asked the main wearing blue. Anneli watched from between the branches and leaves.

“There was a monster attacking the women, we chased it up a tree but we can’t get it down,” said one of the men holding a large stick. The man in blue walked up to the tree and looked up and saw the monster.

“Isn’t that just a pole cat?” said the man in blue. All the solider could see was a trembling ball of black fur hiding within the branches of a tree.

“No it is not! It is a monster! It has the face of a devil! I saw it clearly!” said another man who was holding a long blade.

“So what do you want to do?” asked the man in blue, “it won’t come down with you making such a ruckus.”

“We should cut down the tree!” said a very enthusiastic man in the crowd.

“Now be reasonable!” proclaimed a man with a thick beard “did that thing actually hurt anyone? We can simply just let it go away on its own.” Anneli took a moment but recognized the man as one of the people who abducted Castor. Anneli watched him closely and saw him holding Castor’s bag.

“Why do you have that bag!” shouted Anneli in a loud booming voice Anneli himself did not know he was capable of.

“It spoke!” shouted a man in the crowd, “It is a monster not a cat! Bring the axe! Cut the tree down.”

“Be quiet!” shouted the man in blue.

“Hey monster!” said the man in blue, he grabbed the bag from the bearded man and held it up for Anneli to see, “do you know who owns this bag?” Anneli did not reply. He did not know what these men would do to him or to Castor.

“What are you doing?” asked the bearded man.

“This monster seems to know the foreigner,” replied the solider still holding up the bag.

“Ah!” said the bearded man, “the foreigner did say he had a companion but I assumed it was another foreigner or that he was lying.”

“Monster!” shouted the solider again, “come down! We will take you to your friend.”

“No!” shouted Anneli, “you are lying!”

There were whispers among the group of men. ‘What’s going on?’ ‘What are they doing?’ ‘What’s happening?’



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