chapter 40 is strange somehow 

King Dareus visited his wife’s grave as he did on the last day of every month. When he arrived her grave had already been cleaned and fresh flowers lay beside it. 

“Good morning father,” said Pollux who was also carrying desert blossoms in his hands. 

“Hello Pollux, it is unusual for you to come here,” replied the king with a forced smile. 

“Well it is an unusual time right now father. Everyone has been acting strange since brother’s death.” 

The king was surprised. Pollux had only referred to Castor by name or as him ever since they found out about Castor being abnormal. Almost as if he wanted to forget that him and Castor were related. Yet now that he was dead it was fine to acknowledge it. 

“Well yes, it was all very sudden. We should probably arrange a grave stone or statue for him.”

“What about next to mother?” asked Castor looking over his mother’s grave. The stone of the grave stone had cracked as a nearby tree had spread its root beneath it. 

“No, no, no Pollux don’t be absurd we don’t even have his body for that. A place in the catacombs-”

“Like an unname solider?” laughed Pollux sadly. 

“Well I don’t mean like that,” replied the king somewhat embarrassed.

“No, I understand. I’m sure everyone wants to forget he was a Prince of this country. Honestly I think his death was a blessing in disguise. Don’t you agree?” 

“Well… I mean it is a bit cruel to put it like that.”remarked the king. Pollux laughed again but in an almost evil demented way. 

“Aren’t we both cruel father? I don’t mourn my brother’s death and you killed your own son.”

“What? I did not I-” 

“It is alright father. I knew it from the moment brother left that he would never come back. I knew that even if you were not the one holding the blade, you would still be Castor’s executioner.”

King Dareus was silent. He had no idea what to say to such accusations so he said nothing at all. Pollux placed the blossoms by his mother’s grave. 

“Araliya asked me earlier if she could have a demon now that Castor was gone.” 

“I don’t see why not,” replied the king. For the first time in his life the king was a bit afraid of his son. Pollux left the graveyard without another word. 


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