Chapter 43 unreasonable 

The older bearded man entered the room where Castor was being held. “What’s going on outside?” asked the red-faced man.

“We need to bring him outside, grab him and let’s go.”

“What? Why? What’s going on?” demanded the red-faced man.

“It is difficult to explain… it will be better to just show you.”

“Come on! Get up,” shouted the red-faced man as he pulled Castor by the arm. Castor stood up and was dragged out of the room as roughly as he was thrown into it. Castor was taken outside and brought into a crowd of agitated men holding various weapons and farming tools. The solider was standing in front of a tree and looking up into its branches.

“Here he is,” said the older man as they reached the tree.

“We seemed to have found your companion,” said the solider to Castor. “It is being very unreasonable.” Castor looked up at the branches of the tree and saw Anneli hiding within them.

“What did you do to him?” demanded Castor.

“Nothing, he ran up a tree before they could catch him.” The solider gestured at the restless mob around them.

“Well obviously he got scared with you trying to attack him. Did he actually do anything or can you people do nothing but over react?” shouted Castor angrily. The solider stared at him and wondered why this foreigner was being unreasonable and making such a fuss. Still being as polite and professional as he was he turned to the crowd and asked, “Did this thing actually attack anyone?”

The mob became quieter. Only a few murmurs of questions between them until one of them finally answered, “We didn’t give him a chance to.” The solider then turned to Castor, “Is it at all harmful.” Castor pulled against the cuffs trying to break the chains even as the rushed metal dug into his wrists.

“Of course he is not! He can’t hurt anyone,” replied Castor.

“Then tell him to come down.”

“He won’t come down when he is so scared, tell them men to go away.”

The solider sighed and wondered why the foreigner was being so unreasonable and demanding. The solider went to the mob and told them all to go away for a while. When the mob dispersed the solider again demanded Castor to get Anneli to come down.

“Anneli,” called Castor trying to sound as calm and soothing as possible, “please come down.”

“Are you Castor alright? Did they hurt you? Are you captured?” asked Anneli rapidly in a panic.

“I’m fine. These men want you to come down.”

“No!” cried Anneli, “What are they going to do to me? They want to catch me and hurt me.”

Castor turned to the solider, “he does have a point. What do you plan do with him once he comes down?”

“Well… of course get him away from the village and-”


As soon as the chains broke Castor drove towards the red-faced man and grabbed his bag.

“Stand back!” shouted Castor as he took out his knife.


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