Chapter 46 in town 

It was not long until Anneli and Castor reached the next town. It was much larger than the village before and seemed to have a busy town square and market. Anneli hid on the outskirts of the town and waited patiently for Castor to return. 

Castor only visiting this country briefly as a child had only a vague idea of how much his coins could buy him. He assumed a few copper coins would be enough to buy food for a few days. Despite the openly staring locals Castor confidently entered a more prestigious looking grocery store in the town centre. 

A plump pink faced man in clean white clothing stood behind the counter. He looked at Castor and made a quick judgment of his character and upbringing. 

“What can I do for you today sir?” asked the store clerk in a polite but unfriendly tone. Castor glances at the products on the shelves behind the clerk

“May I have a loaf of bread, some cheese, some of the cured ham and an apple please.”

The clerk grunted and got all the requested items from the shelves and placed them on the counter. ” 30 quartz” grunted the clerk. 

It seemed a bit expensive to Castor but he had no intention to argue. Castor took out his purse heavy with gold and copper coins. As soon as the clerk saw the purse his mood seemed to brighten and became very friendly. Castor took out the copper coins that said 5 quartz and placed six of them on the counter. 

“Would you like anythingelse sir?” asked the clerk in a sickeningly sweet voice. 

“No. Thank you.” replied Castor as he put every into his bag except the bread which he just carried in his hand. 

Castor quickly left the store and trotted down the cobble stone paths. As he walked through the town something in a shop window caught his eye. 


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