chapter 48 present 

“Anneli,” called Castor from the base of the tree. Anneli opened his eyes with great difficulty and looked down at him. He yawned and slowly climbed down the tree. Castor sat by the base of the tree and Anneli sat beside him leaning on his shoulder. Castor placed he bread on his lap and gave Anneli the package wrapped in soft tissue paper. Anneli stared at it blankly for awhile, not really sure what to do with it. 

“It’s for you,” said Castor.

“What is it?”

“Open it and see.” 

Anneli carefully tore the soft paper. Inside it was carefully folded velvety fabric. “What it is?” 

Castor laughed to himself and said,” stand up for a bit.” Castor placed the bread on his bag and took the package from Anneli’s lap. 

“Come on, stand up,”

Anneli did and watched Castor unfurl the fabric and wrapped it around Anneli. The cape fell to Anneli’s ankles. 

“Do you like it?” asked Castor. 

“It’s too much. I don’t need it,” replied Anneli feeling shy and overwhelmed. 

“It’s fine, it’s fine, it is a present anyway.” Castor sat down and began to tear apart at the bread and eat it. “Here,” said Castor indicating the bread, “this is for you as well.” 

“It will get dirty if I sit on the ground.” 

Castor smiled, “alright then.” Castor took Anneli’s hand placed him on his lap. “Better?” 

It really was not but Anneli felt to shy to say anything. 


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