Chapter 57 the only kind welcome

As the girl had said there was a rest stop which was just a simple wooden roofed bench and table. The wood had more names and words carved into it. Castor and Anneli did not stop and continued up the path. The sun was shining warmly as it would soon be noon, despite that there was frost on the ground which seemed to get thicker as they walked higher up the mountain. At the top of the mountain was a flat plateau. Castor and Anneli sat near the edge and looked far into the distance. The view was breath taking with rivers and rolling hills stretching to beyond on one side and grand white peaked mountains on the other side. Today the sky was clear and the warm wind from the out of sight sea carried with it the scents of spring. The walk back down the mountain was much quicker and within an hour and a half they reached the village and easily found the house with the blue windows. The girl answered the door with a smile on her lips and a small child at her hip. Castor and Anneli were given warmed bread with oil and vinegar to dip in. The oil had a sweet floral scent. “It is rose oil,” explained the girl, “In a few weeks when spring truly begin and the roses bloom near the mountain peak this side of the mountain turns white like winter has returned. Most of the flowers are sold at the nearby market but we often preserve some in oil or jam.”

The little child mesmerised with Anneli’s tail played with it and tried to show off his toys. The monster taken aback by the child’s innocence quietly nodded as it told Anneli about fairytales they had been told before bed.

“Where are you from?” asked the girl as she watched the kettle that was starting to boil.

“Far away,” replied Castor, “I’m from Pyropolis, it is just an over grown port city near the desert.”

“Are you both from there?” she asked indicating Anneli.

“Well, not exactly but he is returning with me. By the way what the quickest way to get to the port?”

“Um.. I am not sure but if you want to go to Cumulus you can usual hire a ride with the caravans. The caravans pass through the villages along the mountain path every few days.”


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