chapter 58 is about the past

Pyropolis or city of fire was in the passed a grand temple built by the old empire and bore the name Seref. The people of the old empire were long gone and eventually the people of the desert came and buildt a new city in its place. The limestone that made the up the temple was removed and used to make roads, citadels and houses. The central temple was kept but became the castle of the small principality. Many years had passed since Pyropolis was first established and it had grown into a small port and time passed effortlessly until the great war. There were great losses and few as great as the ruling family which during the war lost every male heir. The eldest princess who had been spared by the sexism that bound her was determined to not let the control fall to the generals or foreign rule forcefully took the throne by poisoning, threatening or assassinating anyone who showed any intent to steal the throne from her. The blood queen, the terrible one, the cobra queen; all names she was called by but she did not care, she was queen in the end. Despite everyone’s displeasure at her harsh ruling and her gender in general she ruled for over thirty years. She built many temples, tamed the river and expanded the city far beyond anyone would have thought. In her thirty years Pyropolis became well known across the continent, the port became busy and trade trived. When her son Cynortas became king little changed and little developed. When her grandson Oebalus became king he became intent on erasing the blood queen from history. Every temple, building, canal and ship she built was renamed as his and all her accomplishments were split between him and his father. He was known asa great king and the blood queen was mostly forgotten. Helen however knew of her great great grandmother. She idolized the blood queen and huntedevery last remaining fact and truth about her. And it was the greatest heartbreak when she was told as a child that she would never be queen of Pyropolis. Because she was not the first born she was told but she knew in her heart that it was mostly because she was a woman. This lit a fire deep within her soul and she did everything in her power to learn more, to be stronger to be more than her older brothers. She was aggressive, intelligent, innovative but she would never be quee  of Pyropolis. Helen grew into a beautiful young woman. The most beautiful woman in all of the continent said some, the most beautiful in the whole world said others. She was proposed to many times by many kings, princes and diplomats but she would never be queen of Pyropolis, she would never have any power in her country or even over her own life if she were to marry. 
When she was sixteen Helen ran away to the desert. 


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