Chapter 59 a first 

Following the girl’s directions they came upon a small town that was placed by the mountain path. No one in the town knew exactly when the next set of caravans would pass but it would be a few days at most. Castor and Anneli stayed in a small inn and for the first time Anneli slept in a bed. It was the most blissful experience of his life and he slept for 15 hours straight. While Anneli slept Castor went to the local tailor at the village and bought some new clothes. No matter how many times he had cleaned them during the last couple weeks he always felt gross and grimy wearing them. He purchased two shirt, trousers, a light jacket and a larger bag to carry everything in. He walked through the village and came across a bakery with a large roaring oven and bought some bread and biscuits.

Not quite ready to go back to the inn yet Castor visited a small cafe and drank the worst coffee of his entire life. However there he met Dominic who was also traveling to Cumulus and was waiting for the caravans. Dominic had lived deep within the country to the northeast and it was his dream to travel to the west to far away foreign land. He had traveled by foot, by horse, by boat and cart. He had stopped at the mountain range to worship at a grand cathedral to bless him on his travels. During the blessing he gained the courage to leave his country for the first time and to travel across the sea.

“I had to learn to forgive and accept my own selfishness. I knew that I was letting my family down but I knew that I would never be happy unless I travelled like I had always dreamed all my life.”

It seemed odd at first why Dominic felt this way about travel but Castor had to remind himself that most people lacked the means and freedoms he had grown a custom to. That night whe  Anneli had woke  up Castor took him with him and Dominic as they sat in the garden of the one tavern of the town and drank wine and spirit. Anneli spoke very little but listened enthusiastically to the conversation. Dominic mostly ignored Anneli but did not treat him with the same fear and hatred he was used to so Anneli was happy.

The next day the caravans arrived at the town and Castor paid the fee for him and Anneli and soon they were off along the winding mountain path.

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