Chapter 60 Something is not quite right

During the first three days of the caravan journey not much of anything happened. Anneli slept during the day in the rocking caravan and at night he sat beside Castor as they and some other travelers sat around the fire. The travelers, traders and driver spoke about their travels, their lives and families. Castor listened intently but did not contribute to the conversation beyond a few remarks and simple replies. Anneli was mostly uninterested or did not understand their stories, he chose instead to watch the fire and crackling cinder. The dancing flames were almost hypnotic.

“That is really troubling,” said Castor.

“What is?”

“Where you not listening?”


“The mountains we will be travelling through have a lot of thieves and bandits. It will be dangerous from here on.”

Anneli nodded since he could not think of a better reply. Dominic who was sitting on the other side of Castor moved closer and whispered to Castor, although Anneli could still hear him.

“Some of the drivers are a bit antsy. Last night one of the horses got attacked by a wolf or wild dog and was injured so badly that it had to be put down plus some food has been going missing recently. They will suspect us first since we are strangers to them. We need to be careful.”



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