Chapter 60.5 Dreamers are foolish

That night Castor had the most bizarre dream.

Castor was walking through the marshes near the river and then further and further away from the city and into the desert. He walked deep into the desert until he reached an obelisk. When he placed his hand on the obelisk symbols that had been carved into the stone glowed with a bright orange light. He felt weightless as Castor and the obelisk began to float up to the air. When he looked down he saw he was floating over a sprawling city surrounded tall white stone walls. He walked through the cite which was all in white lime stone and marble. There were tens of beautiful fountains and manicured gardens full of flowers. As he entered a building with large doorways and high ceilings he realized he was alone in the city. Castor walked through the hallways and rooms. The floor was marble that had been polished so thoroughly that he saw his own reflection at his feet.

He suddenly became aware of the shadow that was following him. A feeling of immense dread and fear filled his entire body. Castor walked more quickly trying to escape the maze of rooms and hallways. He could not see it or hear it but could feel it getting closer and closer. Castor started to run but he could not out run the shadow.

Castor woke up suddenly with his heart beating hard in his chest, loudly in his ears, his breathing was heavy and felt hot. It took him a moment to remember where he was and to tell himself that it was just a dream. Gradually his beating heart calmed down and he looked over at Anneli who was sat some distance away. Castor closed his eyes and went back to sleep.


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