Chapter 62 The knight and the wizard

“soon after the princess vanished,” read Castor, “the dark clouds rolled in and covered the sun over the kingdom. The western wind blew hard and infrequently and the water in the river diminished. The thunder in the clouds roared,WHERE IS THE PRINCESS? The wind howled, WHERE DID YOU SEND HER? The river cried, BEING HER BACK. The clouds refused to let a drop of rain fall or move to let a ray of sunlight passed. The kingdom was in dreary state. The king sent out all the knights of the kingdom to defeat the dragon and rescue the princess. The king promised the princess’s hand to the knight who brings her back to the kingdom.”

Castor paused to the turn the page.

“The bravest and smartest knight rode on his white mare towards the east to where the dragon was often seen. After many weeks of travel he reached the forest where the dragon was said to live. As he was about to enter the forest he realized he could not enter. No matter how much he tried he could not gather the will to step a foot into the darkness of the forest. Not yet disheartened the knight rode back to the nearest village and visited the local wizard’s house on the advice of tavern keeper’s wife. The wizard’s house was dimly lit and the air was thick with pungent incense. The wizard wore thick robes and a large hat that obscured his face. ‘What brings you here?’ asked the Wizard in a intimidating tone. The knight replied, ‘why can I not enter the forest. I need to defeat the dragon who lives in the tower at the center of the forest.’ The wizard stroked his chin in deep thought. ‘Take this,’ said the wizard and took a small bottle of dark glass from his shelf full of glass vessels. ‘The forest is cursed so that no man may enter. If you drink this you will be able to enter the forest but at knight you will turn into a beast.” Castor stopped talking and slowly placed the open book on his lap.

“Why did you stop?” asked Anneli who was eager to know what would happen next.

“The caravan stopped moving. It’s not supposed to, something is wrong,” muttered Castor and stood up and got off the Caravan. Anneli followed him out of the caravan and around the vehicle to the front where the driver was trying to calm his restless horses.

“What’s going on?” asked Castor.

“No idea, the one in front of us stopped,” replied the driver who was more concerned about his horses making a fuss than why all the caravan had stopped. The sound of shouting, screaming and banging suddenly became audible from the front of the line of caravans. Without hesitation Castor ran back to the back of the caravan and grabbed his knife.

“What’s happening?” asked Anneli as Castor ran passed him.

“I don’t know, but go back inside and wait for me. Don’t come out until I come get you,” instructed Castor and he ran towards the commotion



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