Chapter 63 The attack

Castor followed the sounds of panic towards the front of the line of caravans. Woman holding their children and men carrying their baggage or weapons run away from the commotion. A passing woman holding a fabric bag bumps into him as she run passed and Castor stops and looks into the trees. The feeling of being watched and the realization that he will likely be ambushed overcomes him. For a moment he considers going back to Anneli but continues forward.

Tall burly men wearing mask and wielding large blades and maces were terrorizing the caravans near the front of the line. The men tore the fabric of the caravans are were stealing the cargo. A driver was desperately trying to hit the men with his horse whip as they approach him with knives. Castor had no idea what to do the chaos. A young woman’s scream cut through the havoc and Castor ran towards it. A fat masked man was abducting a young local girl as she kicked and hit him. Castor wrapped him arm around the fat man’s neck and threw him to the ground. In the confusion Castor helped the girl up and told her to run, the girl was crying too much to reply but ran away from the raiding. The fat man, quickly got to his feet and punched Castor so hard he fell back. The fat man then got on top of him and started to choke him. Castor gripped the hilt of his knife and the fat man cried in agony as electricity surged through his body.

“It burns! It burns!” cried the fat man and curled himself into a fetal position. Sparks of remnant electricity crackled softly around him.

It was suddenly much quieter. All the bandits stopped shouting and laughing and stared at Castor. Castor got to his feet, his knife in his hand. His face was in pain and his vision was slightly blurred.


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