Chapter 65 rest required

“Yep,” said the village doctor in an irritatingly chipper voice, “you were right. It is definitely a broken rib. It is only a small fraction and no misalignment so it should heal on its own. Just be careful and try not to move.”

“I don’t think I could move even if I wanted to,” laughed Castor. The doctor laughed at his joke as well, though a bit to much in Castor’s opinion. “This cream,” said the doctor holding up a white jar, “this will help reduce swelling, you need to apply it every four or five hours.” The doctor proceeded to gently rub the cream over the large red bruise that had formed on Castor’s side where he had been hit. “Try not to lift any heavy objects. You need a lot of rest but try not to stay still for long periods of time. Make sure to sleep sitting upright at least for tonight.” The doctor started to wrap a white bandage around Castor’s chest. “If this makes it difficult for you to breath take off the bandages immediately. I’ll give you some medicine for the pain, take one after each meal. You can take more if the pain gets really bad but no more than six a day.”

“Alright,” replied Castor. Anneli who had been patient and quiet this entire time placed his chin on Castor’s lap and Castor pet him. Anneli only saw Castor again when they had reached the village and was horrified to see he had gotten so badly hurt. No matter what anyone said Anneli refused to leave Castor’s side since then. The doctor was not pleased with Anneli being there but ignored it.

Anneli carefully helped Castor walk to the local inn. Castor was in a lot of pain with most of his body aching and a throbbing, searing, stabbing paint in his chest. They slowly hobbled to the front desk of the inn, with Castor trying to move as little as possible. As Dominic had promised he had already booked a room at the inn but unfortunately the room had only one bed. Dominic had assumed that Anneli was Castor’s pet and would sleep on the floor. Anneli helped Castor up the stairs and helped arranged the pillows so that Castor could comfortably sit up in bed.


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