Chapter 67 what did you say?

The door slammed behind Anneli. Dominic and Castor were silent for a moment and stared at the now closed door. “That was strange,” laughed Castor, trying to ease the tension that Anneli had left behind.

“Can you move you hand please?” asked Castor, “I’m still sore every where.” Dominic quickly withdrew his hand. Castor was very aware of how Dominic felt and it made him feel very uncomfortable. The way he looked at Castor, the way he tried to casually touch Castor, the way Dominic’s voice would be slightly higher and sweeter when he talked to him. Castor did not want to acknowledge it or reject him so he continued to pretend to be ignorant. Dominic was a nice person but Castor did not like him that way which made every one of their interactions awkward. The feeling of guilt grew inside Castor each and every time he talked to Dominic. His only solace was that in a few days they will part ways and not see each other again.

“Is Anneli your pet or something? You have monsters as pets where you come from right?”

“Not really a pet. He’s not even from my country, I just met him awhile ago.”

“But you speak to him in your language right? You speak to me and everyone in Saxon but you speak to him in a different language so I assumed he was a pet you brought from your country with you.”

Castor had no reply. He had not realized that he was speaking to Anneli differently. Talking to Anneli was so easy and natural he had not put thought into which language he used since Anneli understood him perfectly well from the beginning.

“If Anneli is not your pet, what is it to you?” asked Dominic fiddling with the cuff of his sleeve.

“A travel companion I guess.”

“You seem a bit to close for travel companions.”

“Well I guess he imprinted on me like a baby duck.”

Dominic chuckled, ” that thing is a baby duck. It looks more like a disfigured bear.”

“Why do you not like Anneli?” Castor had known from the beginning that Dominic did not like Anneli. At first he assumed he was wary of Anneli because people of this country were afraid of monsters. Yet as the days went by Dominic seemed to become more and more hostile and disrespectful towards Anneli.

“It’s not that I do not like Anneli, it is just strange how attached it is to you. That thing-”

Any good impression Castor had of Dominic vanished. He had been tolerant before since they would only travel together a few days and he did not want it to be awkward but he was at the limit of his patience. Dominic may have been just jealous of how kind he was to Anneli but Castor felt that now he was seeing Dominic’s real personality and Castor did not like his real personality.


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