Chapter 68 so much more

Anneli sat outside the room in the corridor. He had nowhere he could go or where else to wait while Dominic was in the room. Anneli tried not to but listened to the muffled voices from inside the room. Anneli felt a heaviness inside his chest as tears welled in his eyes. The frustration and agitation that had grown inside him over the passed few days finally came out as tears. He hated Dominic for ignoring him and being rude to him. He resented Castor for never noticing and continuing to be friendly with Dominic. Yet the person he hated the most was himself. He felt so inferior to Dominic who had so many stories and opinions and just knew so much more than Anneli. Dominic could have deep discussions with Castor, he could make Castor laugh and could keep his attention. He realized that since Castor was always to nice to him, Anneli must have bored Castor who just put up with it. The more Anneli thought about it the worse he felt and the more tears that fell.

The door was thrown open. Dominic briskly walked out and down the corridor with a bright red face and angry eyes.

Anneli was so surprised that he had unconsciously stopped crying. He wiped away any remnant tears and opened the door slowly. He put only his head into the room.


“Anneli- um… where did you go?”

“I was just outside. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Hey…um… help me up, let’s go the tavern to get some food.”

“The doctor told you to rest.”

“I was also told to not stay still for too long. Let’s go, I feel like drinking.”


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