Chapter 72 a mess

Half-way through his second pint the beer from his first pint hit him and he started to feel dizzy. After his second pint he felt like he was in a great mood and spoke more jovially but less coherently than he thought he was. After three pints of beer Castor was starting to feel drowsy. His head would nod as he slowly started to fall asleep where he sat. After much negotiation Anneli convinced Castor to leave the tavern and return back to the inn.

Anneli careful lead him up the stairs of the inn to their room. Castor was now much more unsteady on his feet than before and put almost all of his weight onto Anneli.

“You know what Anneli? I don’t even want to be king. I don’t. I just wanted to rub it in my father’s face. He always ignored my when I was young it was always about my brother. Pollux was always the center of attention. Everyone loved Pollux!” said Castor bitterly. Anneli patiently listened to his drunken ramblings.

“And all those assholes in the court are so pretentious and condescending. I mean all they do is bitch and gossip about each other or what ever little is going on in their life. The moment you are even a little bit out of line or not fashionable enough they completely reject you.”

They reached their room and Anneli stumbled to get the key.

“You know what! We should run away! Instead of going to Pyropolis, or the desert let’s take a ship and go somewhere else.”

“Where do you want to go?” chuckled Anneli as he pushed the door open.

“Anywhere, just not where are supposed to go. Not like my family even want to see me, it will be easier for everyone if I don’t go back.”

“Don’t say that.”

“Why?” whined Castor.

“We’ve already gotten so far, we might as well see it through.”

“But- what is the point? It won’t make a difference if I show up with that plant any way. It won’t change anything it won’t matter.”

Anneli slowly helped him into the bed. Castor groaned as the alcohol had worn off enough that he could feel the pain from his cracked rib.

“Castor, we can’t be cowards.”

“I am not a coward,” protested Castor like a child.

“Everyone is a coward when they come close to fulfilling¬†their goal.”



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