Fairytale for the lonely heart, Chapter 85 Stranger

Anneli felt sick as watched the Saxon soldier taking Castor out of the cell and locking the iron door behind them. Anneli looked through the bars and waited, hoping that Castor would come back. The sky darkened and drop of rain fell from the sky. Holding the rose plant firmly in his hands Anneli walked to the one of the busier streets and sat between two stalls. He tried to make himself small as possible and blend into the background. He listlessly watched as people pass-by and the world turn grey around him. The sounds and slowly became softer and softer until he could not hear anything at all.

Then a smell reached Anneli. Entangled with the smell of the rain and the salty sea was the smell of a foreign land. It was strangely familiar and comforting. Anneli looked around to find the source of the smell. Against the beige that was the market Anneli saw a stranger wearing a long black coat. Holding onto the rose plant, Anneli cautiously walked up to the stranger. The stranger was loudly haggling with a merchant at a stall. They quickly noticed Anneli standing beside them.

“What do you want?” growled the stranger and stared at him with fierce piercing eyes.

Thier eyes were dark.

Their eyes were very familiar.


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