Fairytale for the lonely heart, Chapter 88

Castor and Helen leave the crumbling stone building triumphantly. “I still have no idea how you managed to find me udade. When did you arrive in Cumulus?”

“I arrived yesterday, I honestly did not think I would find you so quickly I- the fuck you looking at?”

“I’m sorry, I’m just- so Helen I need to find someone. Um… can we meet up somewhere? I need to someone.”

“Who are you looking for?”

“Erm….I… um…”

“What’s wrong? Are you ashamed of your companion?”

“It’s not that-”

“It’s not a demon is it?”

“What do you know?”

Helen giggled at her brother’s wide eyes and shameful expression. She smacked Castor on the back and laughed more.

“I’m only messing with you Castor! I already know?”

“What? Did your desert people finally get so pissed at you that they stabbed you in the head?” *

“How did you know?” laughed Helen. She placed her hand on the bridge of her bow and closed her eyes and did her best impression of a fortune teller. “I see, I see… you little monster…will appear….THERE!” Helen dramatically points to a unremarkable looking little house. Castor laughed but Anneli wearing his little red cape looks pokes he head out from behind the little house. Upon seeing Castor he ran over to Castor and Helen.

“I’m so glad you are okay!” Anneli smiled brightly melting Castor’s heart a little. Castor remembering Helen was standing beside him resisted the urge to hug Anneli.

“This little guy,” began Helen, “came right up to me while I was in the market and asked me if I knew Castor. If I did not know any better I would think it was divine intervention. He told me where you were and asked me to help you. Luck for both of you he came up to me and not a soldier.”

“Really Udade, thank you so much. I was ready to either resign myself to prison or turn that whole military building to ash.”

“Well it’s a good thing I got to you before you had to make that decision. So let’s go shall we?”

“Where are we going?” asked Anneli, tightening his grip around the rose plant.

“To my boat of course!”

Even though I write everything in English, any conversation between Castor and Helen is in Fidiom (language) and a quirk of their language is that they tend to use a lot of metaphors and similes. In contrast when Castor speaks to Anneli even though he is still speaking Fidiom he speak proper Fidiom which lacks the metaphors and similes and is more technically correct. This is done unconsciously as well. Castor and Helen only speak to each other in the less formal Fidiom way because they are close and in private while if they spoke to their father, Pollux, any other acquaintance or superior they will speak in proper Fidiom. I will explain all the metaphors and meaning in the bottom of the chapter in case you are wondering what they are actually saying.

*In the Fidiom legends there was a great warrior Afoju who was stabbed on the forehead by an enchanted sword while fighting a god of time gains a third eye and the ability to see the past and the future of people he meets but not himself. Castor was making a reference to this and simultaneously teasing Helen.


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