Fairytale for the lonely heart, chapter 93

Ten days after leaving Cumulus the imperial razor ship reached Pyropolis veiled in the darkness of early morning. Soon after the ship docked Helen entered Castor’s room. Castor sat on the bed, a orb of crackling electricity hovering above his hand.

“I didn’t know you could do that without your knife,” said Helen.

“Well it is not quite useful yet,” chuckled Castor as the lightning ball evaporated.

“Where is Anneli?” asked Helen glancing around the room.

“Not here. He is still avoiding me. Do you know why that is?”

” Why would I know?”

Static crackled around Castor like whispy spider webs. “Well you were speaking poorly of me to him.”

Helen scoffed, “I doubt that made a difference. Your behavior was warrant enough for Anneli to doubt you.”

“What did I do?”

“I don’t know maybe it is because you barely tell him anything. You even promised to take him to the desert.”

“I AM going to take him to the desert.”

“Really? Where he is supposedly going to find ‘love’ you of all people don’t want him to do that. I’m not stupid, I can see the way he look at him and how you two cling to each other. You can’t do that any more. The moment anyone suspects you two are a bit too friendly Anneli is the one who is going to get into trouble. They are going to take him away like Rami-”

“Don’t talk about Rami Helen!” growled Castor. “It is over. I am over it. There is nothing- nothing I can do about him.”

“Castor…” Helen sighed. She was stubborn and confrontational but she did not want to upset Castor further. “You are not using Anneli to replace are you?”

“I am not,” barked Castor.

“Who is Rami?” Anneli appeared from behind Helen. He could feel the tension in the air. Castor turned away from them.

“We are getting down soon, gather your things. We need to discuss what we are going to do from her on,” said Helen. She left the room and closed the door behind her.

“Are you alright Castor?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” Castor still did not look at Anneli.


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