Fairytale for the lonely heart, chapter 95 Rami

“So Rami-” began Castor, “Rami was a demon like you. Several years ago, demons were more common here than they are now. Well the thing about Rami was that he was only half demon so he was more human than most demons. But having children with demons is one of the most heinous crimes beside murder and assault. His father was not known and his mother was arrested soon after he was born. He was taken in as a servant in the palace when he was a child and he was probably only a year or so older than me at the time. We spent a lot of time together, we grew up together and we were really close. But… as I got older… I don’t…I don’t know if it was puberty or what but my feelings towards him changed. I was young and stupid and I know i shouldn’t have but… one day when were in the garden… I… in the spur of the moment… I… kissed him.

“And I don’t know who… but…maybe it was a maid or someone but… someone saw and soon everyone in the palace knew. My father was furious and everyone else was disgusted. Rami was immediately sent away and I don’t know where his is or if he is still okay but… I don’t know. Father stopped it from spreading beyond the palace wall but inside the palace everyone knows. Um… I got labeled as a pervert and abnormal and just…. and just a giant mistake, just the biggest disgrace. Because even though I shouldn’t have, I let myself love a demon.”

Tears fell from Castor’s eyes. Anneli hugged the arms that were wrapped around him. He could feel Castor’s trembling body and the beating of his heart. He did not know what to tell Castor to make him feel better. He could feel a wetness on the back of his neck from Castor’s tears and he waited until Castor had calmed down and his tears had dried. Castor hugged him tightly but did not say a word.

“What is going to happen to me?” asked Anneli.

“What do you mean?” Castor sniffled as he spoke.

“What will happen if we go to the palace or where ever together. Since I am a demon and all.”

“Oh… you don’t need to worry about that. The thing with him was different-”

“Because you loved him.”

“…yes. But just in case we should probably not stay too close.”

Anneli’s heart tightened and throbbed. It hurt him to hear that Castor did not love him. It hurt to hear that he had loved someone else before. It hurt to hear that they could no longer be close. Anneli turned to looked at Castor, whose eyes were red and swollen. Anneli kissed Castor on the forehead and hugged him. From then he would ignore the tightening in his chest and his growing feelings toward Castor. Castor did not love him. His love was waiting for him in the desert.


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